We use a variety of materials including reclaimed wood, high quality plywoods, as well as local and exotic hardwoods. With each piece we hope to provide originality and style to your home. Every piece is hand crafted and finished, made to order. Contact us for a quote.

Interior Decor

There are many ways to add style to a room, one being wall hangings. Our custom hangings are crafted from stained, reclaimed wood laid over different metals. All built over 1/4" plywood with heavy duty hangers. Solid hardwood cutting boards and blanket ladders are among some of the other available pieces. Have an idea? Contact us for a quote.

Exterior Decor

Adding a beautiful wood piece can provide a focal point to your landscape. We use high quality materials, if properly maintained will last years to come. From lighthouses to benches and tables, we can craft whatever you need. Contact us for a quote.