From planing, to bending, to gluing, there are many steps in creating the highest quality piece. Here are just a few of our techniques.


Planning & Sketching

The most important part of the build is planning and figuring. It helps to make the build goes seamlessly. From cutting boards to furniture, I sketch every piece I do to give me a reference as well as to use in the future. This is one of my grandfather's sketches.

Gluing and Fastening

Using proper jigs for fastening pieces together as well as exact gluing and clamping is key to a lasting piece.

FullSizeRender (24)

Planing and Jointing

The hardwoods we use are hand selected from local sources and come rough cut. Planing the board gets it to the precise thickness.

Bending Wood

Putting steam to the wood in an enclosed area for several hours allows us to curve the wood to our needs.

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Inset Doors

Inset doors give a unique look to an end table. Precise planning paired with quality hardware are keys to crafting a cabinet door to withstand everyday life. Soft-close doors and hinges available.

Sanding and Prepping


Sanding is a time consuming part of the project but one that can make or break a piece. Utilizing different types of sanders as well as hand sanding will get the piece ready for finishing.

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The final step in a lasting piece is the finish, staining and painting will make your furniture unique and durable. A proper food safe finish applied to cutting boards bring the colors of the wood out as well as protects the wood.

Changing over time


Wood tends to darken as it ages, especially certain types of wood. It is important to research this before investing in quality furniture. The photo shows a cutting board that has been in average light for 6 months.


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